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Our Process

We are a diverse team of Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples residing on Turtle Island. While some of us on this team are not Indigenous to Turtle Island, we recognize that we hold a responsibility to learn and take ownership of how we might perpetuate coloniality, and understand how we can take collective action against it. We recognize that acknowledging this land is important, but it does not supplant the necessity to work towards a pedagogy of land reclamation for the Indigenous peoples of Turtle Island. In the context of this website and where it is being created, this land is the ancestral territory of the Haudenosaunee, Mississaugas of the Credit River, Huron-Wendat and the Seneca.


We acknowledge that this database is fluid and ever-changing, and just as we ask you to use the resources set out on this website to un-learn and re-learn, we pledge to do the same. We are neither knowledge holders, nor facilitators of this knowledge. But, we come to this work from various perspectives (Indigenous and settler perspectives), and hope to do justice in showcasing the resources listed on this database. Our value statement will continue to be updated, and will evolve with us during this process. 

If you have any feedback, want to share your knowledge, or just want to get in touch with us, click on 'contact us' in the menu and fill out the form to reach out!

How are we staying accountable?

Read more about us in the 'ABOUT' section of our website. We aspire to hold each other accountable, commit to continue learning, and support one another as we are all at our own places in the learning journey. Updates regarding accountability will be noted here!

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